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Vodafone Idea Foundation firmly believes that education with adequate resources and tools has the ability to improve people’s lives and livelihood immensely. To make those tools available to hard working and deserving teachers and students, we introduced VI Scholarships. Since 2020, Vi Scholarships have benefitted thousands of teachers and students from across the country and helped them in achieving academic excellence.

Below are some student testimonials.

Ganesh Gupta, Madhya Pradesh

I cannot express how grateful I am to Learning with Vodafone Idea. As a student who struggled to find scholarships to support my education, this platform has been a game-changer. The resources and support offered have helped me discover numerous scholarship opportunities across the nation that I never knew existed. I highly recommend this platform to anyone looking for scholarship opportunities to further their education.

Sanjeevan Chacko, Kerela

It goes without saying that Learning with Vodafone Idea offers the highest calibre of support and service. For students, finding scholarships can be challenging, this platform makes it easy and hassle-free by offering information to numerous scholarship opportunities. The user-friendly interface, and simple navigation have made it easier for students like me to find scholarship opportunities and several academic benefits that suit their requirements and interests. I wholeheartedly endorse this website for anyone seeking financial aid to support their education.

Poornima Dhar, J&K

Now, no more hassle of finding information to scholarship opportunities as Learning with Vodafone Idea, with its sophisticated technology, alerts you to scholarships you are more likely to be awarded and assists you in completing paperwork. The portal is also user-friendly and easy to access in your preferred language. Thanks to India's first multi-linguistic scholarship platform, I successfully secured a scholarship that allowed me to pursue my academic objectives.

Priya Bhattacharjee, West Bengal

I struggled to pay for my education as a first-generation college student when Learning with Vodafone Idea ultimately saved my life. I came to know about this portal via social media, accessed their website and found several scholarship opportunities that I never knew about before. Learning with Vodafone Idea not only paid for my tuition, textbooks, and living expenses but also provided support in my language. The scholarship has enabled me to concentrate on my academics without worrying about the expenses. I am thankful to Vodafone Idea Foundation for such a nice information portal.

Shivam Gupta, Uttar Pradesh

I never imagined I could pursue further education because of financial restrictions. But, thanks to the Learning with Vodafone Idea, I am now pursuing my dreams by studying at an esteemed college. They have a pool of scholarships which I bet you will be shocked to know about. It gave me a feeling of stability and confidence in achieving my academic objectives. I am glad for this chance and will work harder in the future.

Dushyant Kamble, Maharashtra

My parents struggled to pay for my schooling since I came from an underprivileged home. It was like a flicker of hope when I came across this scholarship information portal. I explored to find the one that suited my needs and applied to a few of them. To add to my happiness, I was able to utilize the benefits of one of the scholarships offered by Maharashtra government to pay for my school expenses and buy a laptop, which has benefitted my studies. I can now easily attend online courses, do homework, and prepare for examinations.

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